Door frame metal detector

We are one of the leading manufacturers of metal detector in the country. We make high quality, sensitive, sturdy and durable door frame metal detector for different purposes with the corresponding sensitive levels. Our devices can detect different materials including small pins as required for any specific purpose. Our metal detectors are installed and successfully functioning at various top grades malls, hospitals, airport, railway station, exhibitions, events, theatres, clubs etc. These sites can be visited and seen to verify the facts.

We believe in providing the best quality at the best rates. We maintain high quality and low prices.

Features: Door Frame Metal Detector

Features Very easy to operate. Detachable in 3 parts.

Built in control unit, walk/stop indicators to control the entries.

Detects small Metal even concealed with ferrite or any other material.

Equal sensitivity has top to bottom.

Infra red occupancy sensors gives detection signal only when person passes through the frame & not outside the frame. Battery backup.


Floor space required 0.518 Sq.M
Passage Clearance 610x710x1930mm
Overall arch assembly 610x850x2085mm
Weight 50kg (approx.)
Power 230V AC ± 15%,50Hz,50VA
Sensitivity a) low : Objects like grenades
b) Optimum : Small firearms like 22 Calibre Gun .
c) High : Small Metal object.
d) Very Small Metal objects of 10-15 gms weight, with
min. volume of 20 mm side cube.

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