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Alarm Detector Solar Power 3 Beams Price on Request Contact No +91-9971652929


Kit Includes
1 x Set of Beams (3 pairs of detection beams per set)
1 x Receiver & Plug in Transformer
1 x Set of Brackets & Screws
1 x Set of Manuals

Receiver Specification
Size: 160 (W) x 105 (H) x 35 (D) mm
Power Supply: 15v DC 1amp (plug in transformer)
ON/OFF Button: Yes
Adjustable Volume Control: Yes
Channels: 4
Max sets of Beams per Channel: 32
Output Voltage: 12 – 12v DC
Output Voltage Duration: 1 seconds to 5 minutes
Built in Chimes: Yes (one per channel)
Reminder Bleep: Yes (if programmed)
Exit Delay: Yes 5 minutes (if programmed)
Frequency: 434.6 MHz
Standby Current: 20 mA
Alarm Current: 180 mA
Relay Rating: 24v DC or 120v AC (2 amp)

Beam Specification
Size: 590 (H) x 123 (W) x 45 (D) mm
Power Supply: Re-chargeable AA Batteries
Mounting Methods: Wall or Pole
Detection Range: 100 metres
Transmission Range: 900 metres (line of sight)
Frequency: 433 Mhz
IP Rating: IP66
Distance Between Dual Detection Beams: 60mm
Protection Height: 250mm
Qty of Detection Beams: 3


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