Sale! Baggage Scanner For Airport
Baggage Scanner For Airport


• Automatic Image Archiving
• Baggage Counter, Image Recall
• Pseudo Color Image, Black & White & Negative Image
• High Penetration Function
• Edge & Variable Edge Enhancement
• Threat Image Projection (TIP)
• Image Review
• Audio Visual Alarm
• Organic & Inorganic Image Separation
• Image Magnification or Zoom Function 16X
• PAN Option
• Diagnostic Report Facility
• Print Image Facility
• Brightness, Contrast Control
• Multi Energy Clear Image
• Bi-directional Scanning
• Date, Time, Operator, Supervisor, TIP, Baggage Report
• High Resolution LCD Flat Monitor, 1024×768 Image Size
• Auto Deletion Facility, Automatic Storage of Images
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Sale! Biometric Attendance Machine
Biometric Attendance Machine
Best Quality, Minimum Price!

Standalone IP Based Fingerprint Acess Control

Technical Specification :

  • Users:1500 Fingerprints
  • Transaction:50,000 Logs
  • CPU:32bit Microprocessor
  • Sensor:500 dpi Optical Sensor/UPEK Sensor(Optional)
  • Identification speed:<=2 Sec
  • FAR:<0.0001%
  • FAR:<=1%
  • Card Reader:Inbuilt Prox card reader
  • Dimension:195 mm * 95 mm *45 mm
  • Access control:50 time zones,5 group,10 time combination
  • Communication:RS232, RS485,TCP/IP,Wiegand I/O (26bit)
  • USB 2.0 Port
  • Operation temperature:0°c-45°c
  • Operation Humidity:20-80%
  • Power:12V DC,400mA
  • Optional Functions:Web server,Work code,Antipass,Mifare/HID card reader

SR 100

  • Dimension:129 mm * 70 mm * 35 mm
  • Communication:RS232,USB with Wiegand output
  • Operation temperature:0°c-45°c
  • Operation Humidity:20-80%
  • Optional Functions:Antipass,Prox/Mifare/HID card reader
SR 100

The SR 100 biometric access control system breaks the paradigm that increased security results in decreased convenience for your user population. Unmatched usability combined with ultra-fast identification speed allows system implementation with no other identification token required. Biometric access requires nothing more than the touch of a finger. Users have no need to keep up with knowledge or possession based tokens that can be forgotten, lost, given or stolen.

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Sale! Door Frame Metal Detector
Door Frame Metal Detector
Latest Advanced Technology of Door Frame Metal Detector.
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Sale! GPS
Best Quality, Minimum Price!
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Sale! Hand Held Metal Detector
Hand Held Metal Detector
DIMENSIONS Length: 330mm Width: 110mm Depth: 38mm Weight (Including battery): 300gm
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Sale! Shocking Torch
Shocking Torch
Best Quality, Minimum Price! Shocking Torch - Specifications/Special Features:  Main function: o Strong LED light o High voltage electric shock o Battery: four high capacity battery o Material: aluminium alloy o With belt buckle  Packing: o Colorful box o Item size: 176x30x35mm o Inner box: 195x80x40mm o Net weight: 160g o Gross weight: 245g o Quantity: 100 pieces/carton o Weight: 25.5kg o Carton size: 47*42*42cm  Synonym: o Baton gun, electric baton, stun guns, baton guns, riot gun, anti-riot gun, bodyguard stun gun, self-defense stun gun, self protective stun gun, stun gun torch, self- defensive flashlight, multifunctional flashlight, LED flashlight, security and protection, personal protection and self defence.
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Sale! Spy Cameras
Spy Cameras

SPY PEN CAMERA india largest online security bazaar Sherlock Security Group

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Sale! Walkie Talkies
Walkie Talkies
Best Quality, Minimum Price.

Product Description

Battery Life: 48 Hours
Weight(with battery): 252 grams
Torch: Xenon 15ft beam
Warranty: 1 Year on Radio
Suitable For: Army, Railways Para-Military forces, Cement and Steel plants, Iron Ore and Coal mines, Thermal plants, Fire fighters.
Additional details
Battery Type: 2000 mAh Long Life Li-Poly
Power: 7 Watt
No of Channels: 16
MIL STD: IP 66 – Waterproof/Dustproof
Additional Features: Emergency transmit to all radios, long life Li-poly battery, waterproof, wire clone, lone worker alarm 5 tone signalling, siren, 3×2 programmable buttons, 8 voice tags
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